Sandpit Covers

Sandpit covers are made to requested sizes

Email us the size and we will send you a quote!

Made from UV stable mesh, which allows air flow to your sand and prevents water pooling on top of the cover

We make two types of sandpit covers:

Weighted covers

Covers have a weighted edge, which holds the cover in place.                           

This system is ideal for the larger sandpits or in childcare facilities as it is easy to remove and install daily.

This system is also able to be padlocked to prevent misuse.



Bungy covers

Ideal for home and small sized sandpits.

Bungy allows stretch so cover can be walked on.

Large range of colours available.




Colours available Gold,Blue,Silver,Forest green,Sand,Terracotta


Contact Details:

William Molloy
Ph: 09 8250911
Mob: 021 347787


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